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    Scott Morken aka "The Green King" - Wednesday 27 November 2022

    Seed or Clone? What Should I do?


       Who doesn't want to grow the best weed? Genetics are everything for a grower! So should I start from seed or get a cut???

       If you have been growing for a while you know how much time and money you can spend popping seeds to find the "unicorn" of the batch to mother and clone. Sure, it's fun to start from seed and watch them sprout and grow, but you just never know what that seed will produce. That seed could give you some great weed! But you run the chance of it not being the best. These days if you know the right people you can find a good cut and save yourself the time and money that would have been spent starting from seed, searching for the best phenotype.

       Don't get me wrong, I still pop seeds all the time and will continue to because I enjoy it! However, I also like to get myself some cuts from a breeder who has already done all the work! Now when getting a cut, I don't just get it from anyone. There are a lot of people out there selling cuts from random plants that have never been Phenotype hunted for or tested for disease. They may turn out to be good, but if you get a true tested breeders cut, there is nothing that compares!!!

      Come visit us at Homegrown Supplies in St. Charles IL. and buy some of our Signature Pots with free rooted Cuts!!! We only have the best genetics and send off samples of our plants to make sure they test negative for Hops Latent Viroid disease. And if you still want to start from seed, we got those too!

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