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    Thrive yah-whey probiotics quart

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    Revolutionary liquid probiotic crafted from the Whey of Kefir... Show more

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    Yah Whey by Thrive Probiotics

    Revolutionary liquid probiotic crafted from the Whey of Kefir

    Researching Kefir quickly leads one to find a myriad of legends pertaining to this ancient, thousands of year old, practice of fermenting milk to produce a stable probiotic. This probiotic is legendary for its health properties. 

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Molasses, Yeast Cultures, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Humic Acid

    Whey from kefir grains have a complex microbial biology composition with polysaccharides, nutrients, minerals and proteins. These fermented compounds create a diverse probiotic whey for your plants and soil. 

    Soon you'll be shouting, YAH WHEY!!!!! As your plants pray to the light.

    Check out the photo of the active fermentation. That is without any magnification! The image is taken with a normal cell phone camera.

    So what does that have to do with growing plants? 

    Organic matter in the garden is broken down by probiotics, but an often forgotten component is the Nitrogen that the breakdown requires to speed up the process. Composting is all about Carbon to Nitrogen ratios. 

    Organic Potting soils can have high carbon and when amending with rice hulls and organic amendments the soil can have an elevated C:N ratio which means the soil will be taking Nitrogen for a while before it starts to release it again. 

    Now that you understand the problem, you can clearly see the solution.

    YAH WHEY! When you use stabilized Kefir Whey designed by Thrive you will be simultaneously feeding the soil much needed amino proteins (Nitrogen) That will help the breakdown of nutrients and also make readily available food for your plants.  

    Once you see the level of calcium, nutrients and vitamins  that are contained within kefir and combine that with the knowledge of the diversity of lactobacillus cultures present you can really start to understand that this is more than your average product. 

    This Yah Whey was made to help your soil and your plants THRIVE!


    1-4 Ounces per gallon of water. 

    It can be used as a drench or foliar application

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    Thrive yah-whey probiotics quart
    $ 40.00
    Thrive yah-whey probiotics quart
    10 In stock
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